Master in Spain


Political studies University of Barcelona 4500€
Management and administration of public institutions University Complutense, Madrid 3900€
European Union Studies University of Salamanca 2500€
Business Administration of Businesses and Companies University of Alicante 2800 €
MBA and PR ESERP 11920€
International cooperation University Complutense, Madrid 3800 €
Quantum Economics University of Alicante 2800€
International Commerce University of Alicante 4900€
Business and Leadership in Corporations Online University Complutense, Madrid 4225 €
ABC Journalism University Complutense, Madrid 6000€
Corporate and advertising communications University Complutense, Madrid 3800 €
Management and planning in tourism La Laguna University, Tenerife 1800 €
Linguistics Basque Country University, Bilbao 2000 €
Master en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados University of Valencia 2800 €
Construction Polytechnic University of Valencia 3400 €

This is not a complete list of Master’s programs offered in Spain.
There are thousands of different Master’s  in both Spanish universities and business schools and in any specialty. The main thing is to have a college diploma (or to be in your last year of college).

Get into a Master’s program in Spain quickly, without difficult exams or delays, but with expert assurance from our team.

записаться на консультацию по поступлению в вуз испании

Guaranteed entry into a Spanish university.

Four stages:

1. Detailed consultation regarding your case
2. Selecting the right programs and universities for you
3. Comprehensive assistance in getting into the university of your choice
4. Assistance in dealing with all issues and local processing

In which cities?
In any city

How much does it cost?
Master’s programs start at 1000 euros – depending on the specialty and ambition of the applicant

Which specialties?

Do you want to go to a Master’s program in Spain that’s different from your undergraduate degree but think it’s impossible?

Having doubts about your future profession? We can help you figure it out at a career guidance session!



All Master’s Programs in Spain

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