The best universities in Spain

With regard to the overall ranking of International Universities in Spain, the leader, as always, continues to be public universities in Spain. However, private  universities in Spain are not far behind in the race for supremacy. For example, the private University of Navarra was ranked eighth in the overall university rankings, which is right on par with the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

El Mundo 2022 ranked the Complutense de Madrid in Madrid among the top ten, followed by the Autónoma de Barcelona and Universidad de Barcelona, with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid occupying third place. However, that figure is insignificant considering that leading universities tend to have more “grado” programs. Therefore, it is not surprising that their programs are more likely to be ranked.

Higher Education in Spain

Spain is more than just the warm sea, flamboyant flamenco, and the world-famous paella. Higher education in Spain is in line with excellent European standards while still being relatively accessible. Every year, thousands of international students from all over the world travel to Spain to study. That being the case, bear in mind that studying in Spain is not super costly.

Admission of international students to universities in Spain

First of all, you need to find out which university degrees you can apply for based on your individual background. Keep in mind that everyone’s background is different. Some people already speak Spanish well while others are still learning the basics. Some candidates have a strong GPA  while other candidates may not. Some students will find it easy to pass the exam whereas for others the task is nearly impossible.

Secondly, you have to create an individual admission plan for your particular situation. In which city should I be study and is that even important? Where should I take the exam?

Which subjects should you take?

What are the passing grades for the different degree programs and what are you are interested in at each university?

What is “traslado de expediente de UNED” and how is it done?

How can I find out about enrollment and how do I do the final registration?


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A Master’s in Spain taught in English

Master’s Universities in Spain aim to provide specialized higher education. It is impossible to study a Master’s in Spain for free. However, in terms of tuition fees, a Master Official is much more economical, costing between 2,000 to 4,500 euros whereas in-house university Master’s programs such as an MBA, cost between 4,000 to 48,000 euros at private business schools.

Who can enroll in a Master’s in Spain?
Any international student with a university degree can enroll in a Master’s program in Spain regardless of the country in which their degree was obtained. Each Master’s in Spain typically has a unique set of documents required for admission. You don’t need to have your degree validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education in order to enroll. Once you have enrolled in any Master’s program, AcademSpain will help you prepare all the necessary documents, as well as advise you about a particular program choice, according to your goals and educational background.
Do I need to study Spanish or can I just study my degree in English while in studying in Spain?
Studying Spanish at a Spanish university is very important. International universities in Spain require a B2 level of Spanish for admission into a bachelor’s degree program. Furthermore some Master’s programs require a high level of Spanish. Nonetheless, there are some bachelor and master programs taught in English.

Tuition fees in Spain for international students

Some universities in Spain have different tuition fees for local and international students. For the past five years, public universities in Madrid have had the highest university fees for international students.  The rate for international students at the University of Santiago de Compostela is six times more than the rate for an EU citizen.

The cost of studying in Spain for international students varies. For example, the first year of chemistry at the University of Barcelona costs 1,505 euros whereas universities in Andalusia charge 757 euros. The first year of law school or the first year of study in the Economics and Management department costs 1,061 euros at the University of Barcelona. In contast, studying Economics in Granada will run you 757 euros while in the Basque Country the price is 860 euros. Yet in Valencia, the first year of law school costs just 790 euros. The price of studying psychology at the University of Salamanca is 1777 euros. But, compare that to the price of 757 euros which is far cheaper in Seville and Granada. To pursue a degree in history, the price difference is not too noticeable;  1,061  euros– which is the cost of the first year at the University of Barcelona.

More topics related to higher education in Spain are coming. Check back soon. 

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