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Master’s programs in Spain  are part of the second phase of higher education. Universities in Spain offers master’s programs  in every single subject and specialization: social sciences, exact sciences, and humanities etc. 

The cost of Master’s degree in Spain is also quite different: starting at 1,500 EUR up to 25,000 EUR. The most expensive, of course, are the programs in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in English. Inexpensive programs run about 1200 Euros, 1500 Euros, 1800 Euros, 2200 Euros and can be found primarily at the University of Andalucia, Alicante, Valencia but not just in those places.

The main condition for entering a Master’s program is to have an undergraduate degree. After that, it all depends on the university, the program itself, the year of admission, etc.

It is not that difficult to enter a Spanish Master’s program. But choosing the right program and preparing the right set of documents takes a lot of time.

There are more than 70 universities in Spain alone. Each of them may have anywhere from 15 to 100 Master’s degree programs in various fields. Here is just a small sample list.

Admissions criteria

Each program sets its own admissions criteria. Sometimes it is important to have a college degree in the same field as the program to which you are applying and sometimes it does not matter at all.

Some require a resume, some require a letter of motivation, some require both and some require neither. Some take your high school GPA into account, while at some universities just having a college diploma is enough. In rare cases, an interview in person or via Skype is required during the last phase of the application process.

Once you have been accepted, the administrative departments of universities usually handle all the paperwork (we’re not talking about the people who accept applications and make admission decisions) Sometimes you need to be persistent about getting someone to send you the correct admission documents for visas and sometimes you may even need to get advice on how to do this.

Other options

Spanish universities are not the only ones offering Master’s programs. Many people prefer to enroll in business schools or private schools in their chosen field of study. If you are interested in programs in one of these fields such as: business, marketing, tourism, design, finance, hotel business, we will also consider for you such prestigious training centers as Instituto Europeo de Diseño (Madrid and Barcelona), CEF — Centro de Estudios Financieros (Madrid)Les Roches — hotel management school, ESERP (Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca), EAE (Madrid, Barcelona) , INSA (Barcelona), European University of Barcelona (EU, ESDIP – High School of Drawing, Madrid, SCAENA – Ballet Academy, Madrid Hotel-Escuela de Sant Pol de Mar, EUROAULA and other. Some list of them here

Everything can be determined by a consultation with an expert. 

записаться на консультацию по поступлению в вуз испании

*******Master’s degree programs in Spain change every year. Old programs close and new ones open up. Since 2008, every year we have to re-examine the university offerings to suit individual needs of our students. Having worked extensively in this field, we have noticed an interesting pattern: with the exception of a couple of cases, the choice of different students is never repeated. This is understandable, because no two students are the same, so the initial data are the same (field of training, degree level, work experience, language skills, budget) and the set goals were the same
. In conclusion, we have learned that an individual approach pays off when finding and choosing YOUR program. Your individual program is an important part of the whole plan to study in Spain.

Program selection and enrollment

If you’re short on time and need help choosing YOUR Master’s program in Spain, no one does it better than AcademSpain.


We are always happy to tailor a personal university preparation program in Spain for you at a consultation session. Come along!

We can assist you in choosing the right program for each individual case. Our Guidance Specialists can help you sort things out if you have questions. You will be given a list of all the possible programs that meet your eligibility criteria. Most importantly you will be matched with programs that correlate with your ability to be enrolled based on your individual background.

From this list you may choose three priority programs on which we will work in the future.

After that we can show you how to properly compose a resume, write a letter of motivation, who you should ask for recommendation letters, how to prepare for an interview if necessary – we will be with you every step of the way. We will proofread all your documents and let you know of any changes that need to be made prior to sending everything off to the universities to which you are applying.

We can translate your diploma and your transcripts according to all the necessary requirements. We will certify the translation and send it to the university ourselves.  After that process is complete, we will work with you to prepare the remaining documents for a long-term student visa D. Once you are already in Spain, we can guide you on where to go to get a student resident card and the necessary documents you will need to take with you. We can even accompany you.

Of course, we offer our own accommodation options in the city in which you have chosen your program or suggest how and what to look for when you choosing your own apartment.

Consultation support for admission into a Spanish Master’s program

Where do I start? What programs can I look at?

  • Do I need a diploma homologation?
  • What documents do I need to enter the Master’s program?
  • How does everything work from the inside and what steps do I need to take?
  • What visa will I get and how will I get it?

If you have decided to do all the steps to enroll in a Spanish Master’s program on your own and you just need help with the right advice, then this is the service for you. The cost of a consulting service from AcademSpain is 250€. The consultation is not limited to just one session. We will be with you every step of the way (including the first day you arrive in Spain.)

As a bonus, we will also advise you on visas, residence permits, residency, emigration for study and tell you how the immigration office in the various provinces in Spain differ (and they do). Also, with the permission of our students already studying in Spain, we will give their contact information if you need help with integrating into the local community.

Master’s degree in Spain from A to Z.

Программы магистратуры в университетах Испании


For those who do not have time to search for suitable programs, correspondence with universities, filling out various forms – we offer full admission to the Spanish Masters, from selection to admission and organization of the arrival. The cost of this service is 699€, occasionally there are special promotions.




Free selection and enrollment services for the Spanish Master’s programs of our official partners:

Instituto Europeo de Diseño (Madrid and Barcelona)
CEF — Centro de Estudios Financieros (Madrid)
Les Roches — hotel management school
ESERP (Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca)
EAE (Madrid, Barcelona)
INSA (Barcelona)
European University of Barcelona (EU)
ESDIP – High School of Drawing, Madrid
SCAENA – Ballet Academy, Madrid
Hotel-Escuela de Sant Pol de Mar,
and many others. 

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