Recently, there has been a lot of conversations and talks about one of the most popular professions in Spain. The following ranking of professions and occupations emerged from those talks:

  • Being a property broker in Spain
  • IT specialist
  • Property investor
  • Marketing Manager remotely
  • Language Tutor
  • UI/UX application developer
  • Engineer (with certified degree)
  • Remote designer
  • Salesman in various industries
  • Digital nomad
  • Waiter with customer experience
  • Internet project creator
  • Handyman
  • Massage therapist, cosmetologist without licence
  • Sommelier and restaurateur

Of course, not all of these professions require higher education, let alone a Master’s degree.
But a Master’s degree is a great reason to move to Spain. Since program prices are lower compared to English-speaking countries, the risks are also minimal.

There’s to only value in a year of study but there is also value in the integration and adaptation period. During your year abroad you will learn what Spain is like, who the Spanish are and how and with whom you can do business here.

The most important thing is to choose the right Master’s program to fit within your budget and to assess your chances of enrollment correctly.

Do you know how many Master’s programs there are in Spain? We don’t know ourselves, we have never counted them. However,  there are countless and all kinds of programs.

Most of them are, of course, in Spanish. But if you want to find a job in Spain, you will have to learn Spanish anyway. So a Master’s year is also time to strengthen your language skills.

Since 2008, we have already helped 98 students to complete their Master’s degree  in Spain.

Join us and we can help you both choose and apply for a Master’s program. And now, due to the pandemic, consulates are happy to grant student visas for  Master’s degrees.

Assistance in choosing Master’s programs and enrollment:

699 €

We will save you many hours spent in front of the computer looking for the right information, filtering options, checking and analyzing information.

We will also tell you how to acquire the proper set of documents

We check everything

We can translate your college or high school diploma with a notarized translator.

We can help with resume’s and motivation letters.

There are no tricks or fake discounts

And, if you’re worried about your Spanish, we have a plan for you!

Language courses in Spain for Master’s study:

Course rate
2280 €


From May 3 to September 10 (or any 20 weeks during the year)

Amount of hours:

20 hours a week/4 hours a day intensive

Type of training:

Super-intensive for quality and rapid language fluency


Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Salamanca, Barcelona, Malaga.


Join us!

More details about the Master’s program are here

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