Master’s programs in Spain

master магистратуры в Испании

Master’s programs in Spain are postgraduate programs that aim to provide specialized higher education. The Master’s program can be in addition to general higher education obtained in a specific field of study. In some cases it can be a re-training of a higher qualification or obtaining an additional specialization. It all depends on the field in which the basic higher education is obtained.

The duration of a Master’s program is usually 1 year. In very rare cases, the program may be spread over 1.5 or 2 years.

Most Master’s programs are in-house and exclusive product programs of Spanish universities, both public and private. These programs are widely known and popular because of their clear professional focus. These programs continue to stay relevant since universities don’t have to negotiate changes to the program and deal with any red tape from the government.

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It is up to each university to decide and make any necessary updates to the program according to the changing demands of the market and the latest world developments and innovations. Master’s programs are valued by both applicants and employers. If you wish to study for a Master’s degree outside your field of study, you should apply for some in-house  Master’s program.

There are also official programs – “Máster Oficial” or “Máster Universitario”. The main difference between them is the development and approval of the programs on a national level.

Let’s say the Political Science program of the Máster Oficial is the same at any university where it is offered. The list of these Máster Oficial programs is much more modest than the total list of the Master’s own in-house university programs of which there are several thousand in Spain alone. In most cases you will be accepted into a formal program if you have a university degree in the same field, although there are exceptions.

In terms of tuition fees, a Máster Oficial is much more economical; between €2,000 and €4,500, while in-house university Master’s programs cost between €4,000 and €48,000, such as the famous MBA (Master of Business Administration) at private business schools.

Since 2010 after the Bologna declaration went into effect, the Spanish Master Oficial is recognized equally by all the the countries represented under the Bologna declaration as part of the official second phase of the new higher education system.

Who can enroll in the Master’s program?

Anyone can enroll with a four year university degree, regardless of the country in which they obtained their degree. Each program usually has a unique list of documents required for admission. You don’t need to have your home country diploma legalized by the Spanish Ministry of Education in order to enroll. You just need to have it apostilled and translated into Spanish. Once you have enrolled in any Master’s program, AcademSpain will help you prepare all the necessary documents, as well as advise you on the choice of a particular program, according to your goals and background education.


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Acceptance to in-house university programs

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